Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Still playing the waiting game here... Waiting on our payoff to be able to buy another house... waiting for "our house" to come on the market... We are trying to savor the mild before the wild.

We have decided to leave the "way too crowded" Austin area and look for a home in a nearby small town. 

The housing market in Austin is crazy right now! Decent homes are under contract usually within 2-3 days of going on the market! I recently read of another couple looking for an Austin home (although we aren't looking in the Austin market but in the 'burbs of Austin).

Links hubs has emailed me recently... 

He misses having a friend like this.

Can you tell we are shopping for a home?

I don't think we want to live here... 

Good reads recently...

When I started looking thru my reader for those items I had "starred" they were mostly food-related! I do love to cook and bake and eat!

Now I want to buy a fresh coconut

David and I are sauce people... so this Cilantro Mayo caught my eye!

We like Mexican food too...

I like this sideboard and also want to try the blender pancakes from Heather.

I love it when I connect with the writing of someone. This young woman is my son's age, but I've connected with her on several of her posts. Her and her husband are new to the Austin area and also shopping for home! It is fun to read about her adventures in Austin as her new hometown (she is a native Texan though).

I haven't given up blogging for good... yet. Several times I've thought of something I want to write about but give up before my fingers actually hit the keyboard. BUT I am a bit bored with the waiting game so thought I might write a few things now and then to give me something to do!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2 february

one of my February goals... eat a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and veggies...