Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DPP:: four

These two! We have a history! Eighteen years ago in Westminster CO a family moved in 4 houses down from us. I met Annelise on our way to the bus stop when our oldest boys were in Kindergarten. They are from Texas! Shortly after that they moved to Colorado Springs. We visited each other as often as we could. David and I knew we would end up back in Texas and when we started making plans to move back in the Fall/Winter of 2008/2009, we heard stirrings that they were thinking the same. 

We moved back to Texas Labor Day weekend 2009... They flew to Austin that weekend to look for a house! We celebrated that weekend at Chuy's. So Chuy's is "our place". And tonite couldn't have been more perfect! Good Tex-Mex food outside under the oak trees on this gorgeous Texas evening! We cherish our friendship with Lance and Annelise!

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  1. So GREAT to have such good friends. You must have missed them on your trip!


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