Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scrounging for the goods...

The house we are buying was built in the 70's... and it shows! Terazzo tile, wood floors

dark old cabinets, brown vent hood, scalloping on the cabinets. I love vintage-y things. So a lot of the furniture we are buying (used) is retro.

We've been trolling craigslist every. single. day. And garage sale-ing for the past 2 weekends. Because we are also trying to sell our truck and it's such a huge beast to be driving around, we have rented a car most weekends we plan on doing a lot of driving around. So it's been fun filling the back of our Fiat with our finds... 

3 chairs in the back!

We have had to go back and pick up a few things in the truck.

Some of our finds include...
major score!

to be painted...

orange chairs are hard to find on craigslist!

We plan on painting the inside of the house soon after we move in. We are now lacking a bed (which we are buying new), washing machine and at least more dresser/"chester drawers" (yes, we've seen them listed like this). I have plans to paint all of the wood furniture we are buying but that will happen on down the road. Walls are a must first!

We are so happy we sold most of our belongings as this is fun starting over from scratch! Plus it gives us something to do while we continue to wait! We are getting really good at waiting! =)


  1. Love, love, love the orange chair!

  2. what fun to start from scratch...lving all your finds!


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