Saturday, October 26, 2013

Travel bloggers...

My two favorite travel bloggers are back on the road! I really enjoy reading about their adventures! You might too!

We had the privilege of meeting Derek, Teresa and Cassia earlier this year as they passed thru Central Texas and we are hoping they pass thru again this year!

We haven't met Jer and CJ YET... but she has followed our blogs for a while when they were preparing to hit the road and now they are living their dream! They have plans for Texas and we are hoping to meet them soon!


  1. I best be figuring out our TX route soon :) I just managed a 2 mile walk this am...took four laps in this tiny park! :) Felt good to move this ode bod!

  2. Ha! Just noticed this now Teri - checking in to see if there is a new post. Fingers crossed that we can meet up again!


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