Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5th Month Ponderings...

Just another day on the road... But today is a celebratory day! We've been on this road trip/adventure for 5 months today. The first 4 months seem to fly by. This last month has seemed slow. I'm sure part of that is we were parked in one spot for a month. Although looking back now, that seemed to go by quickly. Not sure what has caused the "slow down".

As mentioned before, some days I can see us doing this beyond a year. Other days... I'm ready to go back to Texas (GTT). And even other days I read about people who have been on the road for multiple years and have been boondocking most of that time. I love that spirit! I *want* to be like that! But in reality, NOT really! If you admire and are intrigued with someone's ability to live in a way that you've never lived does that mean you are meant to live that way? That is the question!

D and I had another discussion yesterday evening about this whole full-time RV lifestyle. Unlike many other full-timers, we went in knowing we were probably going to do it for a specific time, a year or when our budgeted amount was gone, with the open ended option of continuing or moving on to something else. So while it is "living" for us, at the same time it's kinda like a vacation in that we are doing touristy things and seeing new-to-us areas. So I get into the vacation mode of thinking... then I have to make breakfast, lunch and supper. In our previous "vacations", there was someone else doing the cooking and cleaning. So that was a true vacation for me! So I sometimes struggle with vacation-mode vs. living while traveling mode.

Of course, it's a perspective/mind-set thing. Most full-timers go into it with the mind-set of this is our life. We are going to live in an RV and travel freely... when we want to, where we want to. Kim from Creating the Life has said it this way, "We will live this lifestyle as long as we are both happy doing it." I like that attitude. And it helps me! We aren't unhappy living this adventure... I just miss some things about our previous lifestyle. And that's "normal" right?

So today we celebrated with a run... Week 6 Day 2 of the Couch-2-5k program.

My new sneaks...

And we will celebrate with green peanut butter banana smoothies after our run. And then we will rehang the last two valances that we removed in order to paint the living room slide. And then we will get ready to travel again tomorrow! Onward ho! To New York!


  1. and like I could totally take over cooking...that would be an adventure....that would be a trip---like to the hospital.

    1. Ooooo... then maybe I could lose a little bit of weight!

  2. Nice keds....WEEK six - awesome!!
    Ecks...days of ups and downs, the new life vs the old life! Juggling act I'm least you won't have any regrets you didn't try it ... always new doors opening! I often wonder where I'll end up...after countless trips to the nursing home the last three weeks, listening to the lady say "help me" in the hallway, I'm going to get out and about, away from this 9-5 as long as I can before I land up in one of those joints.

  3. I love your shoes! I am going to reward myself with a new pair of running shoes when I reach my next weight loss goal. Less than 10 pounds to go. Hope the Couch 2 5K is going well for you!

    1. Awesome reward! I saw that you pinned some fun colored shoes... didn't you? They inspired me! The runs are challenging but I'm doing it! Maybe by the time we get to the Carolinas, I'll find a 5k to run!


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