Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm missing...

While my gypsy soul is in heaven... there are a few things this Texas girl is missing: (besides my entire family and friends)

More working space in the kitchen

An oven that bakes/cooks consistently... some days I bake something and it comes out perfect... then I bake something a few days later and the bottom is burned. Although it keeps getting better and better

Hanging my clothes out on a clothesline

Fresh eggs from our chickens

Regular size closets... even my shirts don't hang and get wrinkled on the bottom

A bed I can walk around

Ha, a bed we can both sleep in.

Lately, cable TV although at this moment we are in a park that has cable.

Fall in Texas; Longhorn orange everywhere

Austin coming over to watch football

All of us going to my parents to watch football (well, my mom and I would usually watch something else in her bedroom!)

Real grocery stores! These local grocers are cute and I still enjoy shopping at them for some things, but LOVE my HEB for everything else... And the option of Sprouts and Whole Foods!

Good Mexican food! On a consistent basis! (like weekly)

Migas (made by someone besides me)

Torchy's Tacos!
Yea... I pretty much miss TEXAS!


  1. Oneida, NY-Austin, TX: 1,733 miles....LOL

  2. Yeah, we missed the Tex-Mex more than anything when we lived overseas. Had to make it all from scratch myself, including the tortillas!

    1. We have been blessed to find some decent Mexican food in our travels... And I've been making it... hence why I said someone else to make migas. Mine a good, but they are just really good when someone else makes them! We'll be back before I know it and I will indulge properly! =)


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