Sunday, September 30, 2012

Daily happenings...

I enjoy reading blogs where they are a diary of sorts of the simple happenings/routines in a day... so thought I'd share about our day today...

Sundays are a fun day in the campgrounds as this is when all the weekenders pack up to leave. David and I are giddily happy that that is not us!

This morning we woke up while it was still dark. He was the one who braved the cold and got up and turned on the heat and the coffee maker. I stayed in bed until the coffee was ready and the camper had warmed up a bit. We both made our way to our morning spots with our coffee, me with my quiet time materials and him with his laptop. After about an hour I moved to my laptop on the dinette table and caught up with my online peeps.

Breakfast this morning was bacon, egg and cheese tacos. I also made some extra bacon for a dip for football this afternoon. D cleaned up the kitchen and we both got dressed. I tidied up a bit around the house then joined him outside for a walk around the campground. There were quite a few tenters over the weekend and they are all gone (by 10am). As we walked we enjoyed watching everyone else do their "get ready to move on" duties.

I was going to get my sewing machine out today and work on the rest of the cushion covers for our dinette... but changed my mind as we have 2 rainy days ahead that would be good spent at the sewing machine inside. I will enjoy the bit of sunshine we have today as it has been severely lacking lately!

I also did a little Fall baking today. This is in the oven right now. My little RV oven is persnickety. Sometimes it likes to burn the bottoms of things... so I keep rotating it in the oven so hopefully it bakes a little more even. And because the baking part of the oven is actually only 1/3 of its actual size, if the bread rises to high it hits the top of the oven! BUT if I lower the shelf, things really burn on the bottom as that is too close to the burner. So every time I bake something it is an experiment! But I'm not complaining. Teresa at A Life Made Simple shares my love of baking and she will NOT have an oven to bake in while they are traveling! So I am very grateful for my persnickety oven! Ah... it's beginning to smell Fall-ish in here! Just checked it and now I'm seeing I'm going to have to clean the top of the oven... Yep... it rose too high! =( I moved the rack down to the lower setting and just rotated the pan more often to keep it from hitting the top. I washed all the dishes I used for mixing up the bread.

Campers continue to leave... although there are still more than I expected still set up! D's been working outside reorganizing the basement and cleaning the grill.

We had a late lunch of leftovers... choice of lasagna, beefy jalapeno cornbread, rice and ground beef or homemade mac and cheese... We don't have much room in our little fridge for too many leftovers. What works for us is to make a "fresh" supper two days in a row, then on the third day eat leftovers from those meals. As you can see from our variety, we've had more than enough leftovers!

After lunch, I made the "frosting" for the pumpkin bread and frosted it; then cleaned up lunch and frosting dishes. In such a small space, dishes must be done often! D drove over to Sheetz to get some diesel for our travels tomorrow.  We did try out the pumpkin bread! A perfect slice of Autumn!

Then we sat outside and chatted for a bit to soak up what little sunshine was left in the day before another storm comes through.  When the sun disappeared we came back inside. D watched football and I did some knitting. Right now I'm watching the leaves dance across the campground as the storm blows in.
I made an "appetizer" supper of Jalapeno Popper Dip and crackers... David is watching the Broncos on his laptop and I'm online of course...

Later tonite we will watch Amazing Race together... and that is pretty much our day today!


  1. That's one fine pumpkin dish!! Icing had to be delicious! And Jalaeno Popper Dip...oh gheez, my fav...did you use the panko topping! I like the story line...makes me more envious but sounds even more sweet :O)!!!!!! I finally have our TV and DVR behind. LV AR and ready for the battle to continue with The Voice!

    1. It was all good! I used crushed crackers, Parmesan cheese and butter in the topping... Delish!

  2. If you can find a pizza stone that will fit in your oven, put that on the rack and put the pan on that it will help it back more evenly. It evens out the hot spots. Oh how I miss baking!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I do have a stone in there! I've tried it in several places and it works best for me right on top of the metal shelf above the burner... It does help even things out a bit!

  3. We watched The Amazing Race last night too! We love that show! It sounds like you two had a great Sunday to me!!

    1. I can totally see you and Jerry doing Amazing Race!


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