Tuesday, September 17, 2013

53 things

  1. See a live starfish in its natural habitat. Hold one if I can?
  2. Try stand up paddle-boarding
  3. Visit Asheville, NC
  4. Visit Charleston SC
  5. Visit Savannah GA
  6. Get a tattoo
  7. Buy coffee for the person behind me at a drive thru Starbucks
  8. Sit by a fire on the beach
  9. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  10. Walk barefoot in the rain
  11. Knit a pair of socks
  12. Go on a dinner cruise
  13. Take a cooking class
  14. Attend a yoga class or two
  15. Read 52 books 
  16. Volunteer at a food bank
  17. Make a patchwork skirt
  18. Refashion 12 clothing items
  19. Attend/participate in an art journaling class
  20. Attend the State Fair of Texas
  21. Blog once a week
  22. Take more photos
  23. One month challenges x 12
  24. Visit St. Augustine, FL
  25. Go ziplining
  26. grow out my gray hair - no more fake color!
  27. Paint master bedroom
  28. Paint master bathroom
  29. Paint studio
  30. Make the back patio a place I love to be
  31. Send out happy mail at least once a month
  32. Give baked goodies to someone once a month
  33. Make grilled pizza
  34. Make creme brulee
  35. See a concert at Nutty Brown Cafe
  36. See a concert at Stubbs BBQ
  37. Chicken Fried Steak at Threadgills
  38. Eat at Shady Grove
  39. Camp at Inks Lake
  40. Camp at Canyon Lake
  41. See King George one last time
  42. See NYC at Christmastime
  43. Explore metal stamping
  44. Run a 5k (once a year as long as I can!)
  45. Run a color run
  46. Get a stamp in my passport
  47. Make a Pinterest project, or two
  48. Sip coffee on the back patio and watch the sun rise
  49. Visit Mary's Finds
  50. Browse at Uptown Country
  51. Attend an auction
  52. Attend a Lampasas Warehouse sale
  53. Live every day like the adventure it is!
Whew! Here's to an exciting year!


  1. I love your list!! There are at least 15-20, that I would have on my list too :). I can't wait to see your list as you check them off.

  2. You are so organized! It takes some time to come up with such a lovely list. Still on my list to do. You are such a neat lady!!

    1. You are too sweet! A lot of these are from the original 52 things list... so I only had to come up with the rest! And some of these may not get done, but I will try!


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