Friday, September 13, 2013

No longer a slave to Starbucks...

I have not been to Starbucks in about 6 months... and even in the last year and a half I've been probably a total of 7-10 times. Coming from an almost "every day" habit, this is so freeing!

Today I ventured into the "big city" for a day of fun for me. I had a free drink for my birthday thanks to Starbucks so that was my first stop. I've had the Starbucks app on my phone for a while now but never used it like it is supposed to be used. When I approached the cashier, I told him that I had a birthday reward but had never used the app so he needed to guide me! It was very simple and so very cool! I even used the balance of a gift card I've had for over a year right from my phone! VERY COOL! So I ordered THE drink of the season, Pumpkin Spice Latte and my old favorite, an old-fashioned doughnut. I waited for my drink, then because I arrived early enough in the morning, I headed outside to enjoy it. It was still in the upper 70's at this time so it was quite pleasant outside.

Yea... the PSL was okay, but really not something I'd pay for these days. It almost tasted "fake". It's hard to describe but had a chemical-y taste to it. I didn't even finish it which is disappointing. But in that same breath I'm so happy that I've finally broken away from the bondage of Starbucks!


  1. Good for you! I remember seeing you post about those PSL's more than once in the past. Fortunately, hubby and I never learned to like coffee, so we never developed that Starbucks habit. Although, admittedly, I sometimes felt like I was missing out on half the fun, by not liking it!

  2. Had my first one a few weeks ago but it was a Cool Lime...has a nice mint bite to it. But $4 for a SMALL. I suppose I'll keep with my own java concoctions...guessing you whip a few up yourself on the homefront! Nice Mason jar!


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