Monday, October 15, 2012

Check, check, check on the 52 things!

Washington DC... not a "must-visit" for me in general, BUT one of my home girls lives nearby and it was a "must-see" for our oldest son, Cameron. I think he's been just as excited for our year-long RV adventure as we are cause he had free accommodations anywhere we went! So about a month ago, he booked his ticket to Washington DC!

So that's where we headed! We are staying in Maryland just outside of DC in a "got-their-act-together" RV park... Cherry Hill Park! Very close and convenient to DC and public transportation! Every day they have a 45-minute sightseeing session to give guests the ins and outs of visiting DC. Very informative!

Cameron's first full day here we rode a bus that picked us up right in the park and took us to the train station; then took the train into DC. There is a LOT to see in DC and a lot of it is FREE! We like that! Stepping out of the subway train station we were on Pennsylvania Avenue. We were armed with maps of all kinds! First stop: The National Air and Space Museum. With two aviation fans traveling with me, this was a no-brainer. BUT as we walked by the Art Museum, I realized I could check off another of my bucket list items! And my sweet husband who worries about keeping his "man-card" in check felt he needed to attend with me. Cameron headed on to the Air and Space Museum.

Eh... on the Art Museum. I've really never gotten into paintings and sculptures but I wanted to know if I could. It didn't do a whole lot for me. There were beautiful paintings... and I enjoyed the "real life" paintings in being able to see glimpses of times past, but it's not something I would make as a regular occurrence. 

Me outside the National Museum of Art

From there, David and I met up with Cameron at the Air and Space Museum. Lots of airplanes and such... I did enjoy the exhibit about the Lindburghs and Amelia Earhart!

These two LOVED it!

My dad worked for BF Goodrich Aerospace for a while! This photo was for him!
It was lunchtime and we knew that we wanted to eat at the Supreme Court dining room/cafeteria (lil' tidbit we learned from our sightseeing session)! So we headed towards the Capitol. It is gorgeous: the building itself and the grounds!

By the way, this is the FIRST no clouds/sunny day we have seen in a LONG time!

We entered the Supreme Court building (another beautiful building) and found the cafeteria... Great meal and very reasonably priced! The lady that did our sightseeing session told of a couple that had recently eaten here and they saw John McCain... we, however, saw no one we recognized.

From here we headed towards the White House at the other end of the National Mall. We really enjoyed our walking tour of the city! We passed by the American History Museum and Cameron and I  knew we wanted to go inside here, so we made note of that! The White House is just like the pictures show... Beautiful grounds and garden...

From here we gawked at the Washington Monument (still closed from the earthquake)... then headed back towards the American History Museum. David opted to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while Cameron and I went inside and went our separate ways. I was headed to the First Lady's exhibit. Then I wandered onto the Within These Walls which was my FAVORITE! By this time, my legs were beginning to ache! So while there was still more I wanted to see, I decided to head outside and join David sitting!

It was a beautiful day to be outside! We enjoyed our time together and seeing all the sites we've only read about and seen on TV. Two things checked off my 52 things list... Coming up, the third thing while we were in the DC area...


  1. How do you like Cherry Hill? We loved it! If you haven't already, I highly recommend taking the night tour of the city. We did it several years ago and really enjoyed it.

    1. It's very nice! We did think that the night tour would be cool but we won't be doing it...

  2. Within these walls looks right my my alley...that had to be so cool! D.C. on my to-do for sure! I love history!! And Cherry Hill in my Evernote now... Glad you got some family time and sunny skies!!


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