Monday, October 22, 2012

The rest of the DC area...

I mentioned on my DC post about a third item checked off my 52 things list... We hiked a small portion of the Appalachian Trail! We hadn't even thought about how close we were and that first day that Cameron was there, he commented that he thought we might be pretty close. Sure enough, we were and decided to add that to our itinerary. We already had plans to rent a car for the weekend, so on Friday mid morning we headed towards Harpers Ferry WV. I also added two more states to my list that day: Virginia and West Virginia!

We stopped at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy... They had all kinds of info there! On the wall they had photos of people who had done the trail thru-hike (do it all in one continuous journey) and in sections. One blind man and his dog... a 79 yo man who had done it multiple times... another woman who had done it in sections over a 15 year period. Very inspiring! And the guy that worked there was very friendly and informative! He sent us on a hike that was gorgeous... part on the Appalachian Trail and then on Maryland Heights trail ... where soldiers of the Civil War once hiked! It led to an outlook of Harper's Ferry which is a gorgeous little town. We forgot our "real" camera so these photos are taken with my Iphone. I read somewhere that it is the most photographed town in the US... and I can see why!

It was a challenging hike up... but I must say I'd rather hike 6-8 miles than run for 2-3! Hiking, while it can be strenuous, it is so much more enjoyable!

Some sights from our day:

And continuing our exploration in the DC area I got to meet another of my "home girls", Crystal! Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a photo of us together! But I enjoyed hanging out with her and her adorable children!

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