Friday, October 5, 2012

Favorite memories of the past 6 months...

We have been on the road 6 months TODAY!

You can see our map of the places we've been in the last 175 days on our travel blog! We've have seen some stand-outs... the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Coast and northern California, cornfields and cornfields and yet more cornfields all across those fly-over states, Niagara Falls but these are the experiences that stand out for me!

Our drive North the VERY FIRST DAY! We were so excited to be starting our long-awaited RV journey!

Meeting these two and their kids! We loved spending time with them!

Spending a day in Monterrey Bay exploring on bicycles! So fun! I just recently read Cannery Row too!

Our day long tour of San Francisco! Loved every minute of it!

Exploring Portland with Cameron!

The best boondocking spot we experienced! Watching the base jumpers at the Perrine Bridge in Idaho!

Surprising this precious gem... We were staying in Loveland just north of Denver. My sister and her two girls came up to stay the weekend with us. Kelli told them they were going camping, but did not tell them that we were there. So they drive into the campground and register... then pull up to our rig. Kelli told Brynn that this was the camper they were going to stay in. Brynn commented that she thought that someone was already here as they were walking up. I was sitting at the dinette when she walked in and I snapped her shocked face! So fun! It was such a fun time with them!

Kenzie enjoying her camping hot chocolate.

 Having both our boys with us for a week! Cameron still had to work and Austin had "people" to see (friends from high school) but we did spend some time together!

Seeing my mom! She flew out to Denver to watch Kelli's kids for a week... And my sister and brother-in-law opened up their home to us! It was a wonderful time with our family!

We had promised Brynn that we would take her "camping". So we camped at Chatfield Reservoir. David shared her experience very well...

Our first month-long stay... in Amish country in Indiana. A beautiful and serene countryside! And we had this beautiful canopied forest right by the campground that we biked thru, ran thru and hooped in! We also met some new friends who were just starting out on their adventure

My first time into Canada and the wonderful opportunity to meet this beautiful lady!

Another wonderful week spent in this beautiful lady's hometown. Kristen and I have been online friends for 6 years and we had the opportunity to meet in person and get together a second time when both of us lived in Texas. It was so fun seeing her and her husband, her home in Pennsylvania and meeting her oldest son and his family.

Running! I decided to do something with all the extra time we have... Back in Indiana I decided to start training for a 5k again. And I did it just recently! So now we are looking for some fun races to do while on the road!

Wow! What a whirlwind 6 months! We are halfway thru our year-long adventure and I know that we have many more memories to make! We get homesick at times (and quite often lately) but I think deep down we are both hoping we make it the entire year... or at least seeing all the places we want to see whether that takes 2 months or 6 months. Thanks for being on the journey with us!


  1. and just to think how we are celebrating the first day of the second-half of the journey which begins today! You have been a marvelous co-pilot...

  2. HAPPY anniversary :O)!!! You have a beautiful family!!

  3. I loved reading about your favorite memories!! We also tell people about meeting you guys too in Indiana! A definite highlight.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks for the recap - LOVE those!

  5. Here's to the next 6 months full of more memories. Hope to run into you on that road.


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