Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a u t h e n t i c

authentic - adjective: of undisputed origin; genuine; made or done in the traditional or original way.

Synonyms: genuine, true, real, veritable, original

A common definition of authenticity in psychology refers to the attempt to live one's life according to the needs of one's inner being, rather than the demands of society or one's early conditioning.  Source.

I'm still not sure where this focus on authenticity is going to take me this year and I like that! I'm a list girl. Give me a list of things to do and I will do them, checking them off as I go. But part of me wants to be more of a free spirit. Going where God leads. Embracing where I am, but not so firmly planted that I am not able to pick up and go or do where and when He leads. 

While I will focus on authenticity in 2013, I don't want it to be totally focused on me. From what I understand, the more I get to know God, the more I get to know me. I do want to be aware of my inner soul and what it desires, enjoys, embraces and loves. I'm going to be asking myself... is this something I really want to do... or am I doing it because I think I'm supposed to do it. When I see something I admire in another person's life, is it necessarily something for me? or is it something I just admire?

I'm reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. I just started reading it but so far it is very interesting! I'm an introvert. And from my experience, extroverts are more valued in our American society. So this is an interesting part of my journey towards authenticity... embracing the introvert and living true to myself. 

I'm still not sure how much of this year-long journey to authenticity I will share, but I will blog about some of it!


  1. Oh, I am such a introvert too. You pairing that with your authenticity exploration will sure open your eyes to desires, wants, and just what's inside. I hope to sometime really take the time to just figure myself out...sounds like a good book. I'm bookmarking! NICE bracelet!

  2. I hope that is your bracelet...I love it!! I am also putting that book on my "to read list."


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