Wednesday, January 9, 2013


listening... to the sound of rain hitting our roof

loving... the coziness of our tiny house

thinking... ahead to the freedom of choosing where to live and build our lives

working... on still being in the present

wanting... to live authentically

needing... some Mexican food!

reading... Far From Home and the Power of a Praying Wife

creating... a crocheted beanie for my oldest and knitted drop stitch cowls

pondering... whether to keep blogging or not.


  1. Your posts are like my special zen...simple, sweet and full of contemplation - always excited to see what you are going to put out there. I hope you continue to share your have exciting days on the horizon, a new direction and I want to see how you decorate the new landing O:) Prayer flags looking great all lite up!

    1. You have given me the highest compliment I could want! Simple, sweet and full of contemplation! Thank you!

  2. All sounds good except for the rain part! yikes! I was wondering where you went - you've been busy it sound like!

    YES! Keeping blogging - I to enjoy the simplicity of your posts - simple but compelling and complex!

    Don't goooooooooo - I would miss you and your posts Teri!

    1. Not really busy... just nothing "blog-worthy"! Thank you for your kind words! Not stopping... yet, anyway.

    2. Well the list looks busy - and certainly blog worthy - unless it's sleeping - it's blog worthy! LOL - and maybe even sleeping - depends though!


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