Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So... what have we been up to since our late November arrival in Central Texas?

  • established a temporary "residence" at an RV park in East Central Austin
  • tossed our arrival/departure checklists (just kidding)
  • spent some time with our boys and my parents over the holidays
  • enjoyed having our oldest here in Austin with the other three of "us"
  • got caught up with our best friends; I've finally has some girl time and it is wonderful!
  • ate some GREAT food! 

Rudy's BBQ


Fresh made tortillas from HEB

Baby A's

  • got back into a routine
  • patiently wait for our mortgagee to finish up her refinance so we can start looking for a house!
David has been spending time figuring out what it is he wants to do... as in a job. He's applied for some jobs - some he's interested in; some he's thinking he will get interview experience out of. He's been diligently working out - running and working out at the gym here in the park.

We've taken advantage of the hot tub. It's has been unusually cold here and the hot water feels wonderful! We've been experimenting with how to best warm up our tin can home against the cold temps. It's mostly warm... but we also bundle up at night!

We've also browsed homes for sale online while we wait for our monies to be freed. We are debt free and are planning on staying that way paying cash for our next home! It seems like there are a good amount in the price range and size we are looking at. 

I've knitted... 
Here are four of the 9 cowls I've made

and crocheted... 
Cameron wearing a hat I crocheted
 and cooked... 
My new favorite breakfast

and did a little cleaning here and there. I got my hairs cut... 

Simple and slow living at its best!


  1. Maybe the rising number on the scale is not the fault of a low battery..

    1. I don't have a rising number? What do you speak of?

  2. Chuy's and that breakfast with hot sauce looks so yum!! Nice job on the yarn creations :O) And what a sweet bob...and darn sweeter smile, so happy you finding your new direction!

    1. You are too sweet CJ! I hope that you two are including Austin in your future travels! We could show you a great time!

    2. Oh we will most definitely sail through Texas and see our niece in Austin and would love to share some of that Chuy's with you :O)

  3. WoW! All sounds and LOOKS great to me! All is going well I'm thinking!

    Stick with the low battery story! ;)

    I'm sold on your new favourite breakfast!


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