Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Word 2013 {authentic}

“When we are alive, acting on the deep callings to love, serve, create and try new ways of living, we are cultivating ‘heaven on earth’ here, now.” ~Kathy Escobar

Once again, I've debated continuing to blog or not... I don't truly consider myself a writer, nor do I have a "need" to write. I journal "old school"... I have a group of online friends that I write to about life things. I have met some wonderful people through this blog and even though I read their blogs it's nice to "offer" a little something back. So I'm still not sure if I will continue to blog or not... I'm going with the flow.

Which brings me to my word of the year... authentic. For the last few years I've chosen a word to focus on for the year in place of resolutions. The key for me is keeping that word in front of me throughout the year in various ways. Blogging about it is one way (although I didn't blog the previous years I had chosen a word).

I went through a couple of "exercises" to come up with my word for the year. I ended up being overwhelmed as I had too many words to choose from. So I took a day off from thinking about it. I prayed for clarity and a word from God. 

My two desires for 2013:
1. I want to truly get God's love for me
2. I want to live freely - not live by shoulds.
Then asked myself what word come from those two desires... I actually came up with two words (of course).
Free - freely accepting... Because of God's love I am free to be who I am - free spirit.
Authentic - God loves me for me. He made me unique and wonderful. I want to live authentically honoring who He made me to be... authentically me.
Then in Jesus Calling read this...
I am leading you along a way this is uniquely right for you. The closer to Me you grow, the more fully you become your true self - the one I designed you to be. Because you are one of a kind, the path you are traveling with Me diverges increasingly from that of other people. However, in My mysterious wisdom and ways, I enable you to follow this solitary path while staying in close contact with others. In fact, the more completely you devote yourself to Me, the more freely you can love people... Enjoy the adventure of finding yourself thru losing yourself in Me.
Thank You Jesus for answered prayer! So I'm down to two words and just because I like the word AUTHENTIC more than the word FREE... I'm choosing authentic for my 2013 word.
Did you  make resolutions for 2013 or did you choose a word to focus on for the year? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. "PEACE", as opposed to peace....

  2. I'm still deep in thought, buried in work 9-5 junk UGH!, and needing some down time to digest all this. But I'm thinking my word this year is going to be COURAGE but I'll get back to you on that :O) Authentic fits you well written!

  3. I've been reading about others choosing a word. And I think mine needs to be "Finish". I have a tendency to start too many things and not finish things. I hope you keep blogging.

    1. Finish is a great word! I hope you find the year finishing what you start! Thanks for visiting!


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