Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Higher learning...

[A synonym of higher education, education provided by universities, vocational universities (community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and technical colleges, etc.) and other collegial institutions that award academic degrees, such as career colleges.]

What is it that draws me to college/university towns and cities? I love being on a "higher learning" campus. I love the memories I have of my college years living on campus. I went to a small private university and loved every minute of my time there! I've also attended some classes at community and smaller colleges. I love learning. I love the community on a campus. I love the opportunities that result from learning.

Today we visited University of Notre Dame. It is a beautiful campus! School started on Monday so the atmosphere was exciting! At first we didn't see very many students but as we got deeper into the campus, there they were. We sat on a bench in the shade for a bit and just watched the students interacting and getting to their next class.

We also talked about going back to school. I've always thought I'd like to go back and finish what I started. At "retirement age" it is so encouraging that I have the opportunity to go back and do it again (or finish up as in my case). And I have a better idea of what interests me. At 18 years old, I had no clue what I wanted to do. I think now I would like to study in nutrition or social work... and eventually work some place like The Sustainable Food Center in Austin. I love the idea of helping people learn how to grow their own food and eat healthfully.

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