Sunday, August 12, 2012


Being "attracted" to a certain decorating style or a lifestyle doesn't necessarily define how you truly want to live... or does it?

A friend of mine has recently said "Though this simple, uncluttered look is what I am drawn to in magazines, I have finally faced up to the fact that, even if I had it, I would then proceed to fill it up with lots of colorful stuff."  I find I'm drawn to colorful cluttered looks on Pinterest and in magazines but my home has usually been filled with a simple, clean, neutral look. I'm slowly filling my living space with color because I love the way it looks... but it's scary! Stepping into color is wild for me! I have a spouse that always has in the back of his mind, when we have to sell it we will have to repaint, recover, etc.

We live in an RV right now with the ever-so-popular NOT beige and blue decorating scheme. While we can live with it, it's not us. So today we are changing that! We have begun painting the walls. And have chosen a fairly bright green and yellow to color our walls. We then need to figure out how to cover the blue and beige upholstery!

Here's some of my pinterest boards color inspiration!


  1. I have got to figure out how to get color in my Casita...if you don't know it is covered in carpet - even the ceiling. Think I could die the carpet kind of in a tie-dye style HA!

  2. Yikes! That would be cool IF you could do that... maybe with curtains and other textiles you could add color?

  3. I think I know the friend to which you refer! I can't believe I just now realized that you started blogging again. Where have I been?! Sounds to me like your RV is the perfect place to test out your color fantasies. Much less space to repaint if you decide you don't like it. But if you absolutely love it, well, you're all set for when you move back into a house.


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