Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday 13: Favorites

1. Favorite state visited so far (besides Texas cause that would be a given): Indiana
2. Favorite campground stayed at so far: No campground has had it "all" but probably the campground that had most of the things I like is Petaluma KOA in CA.
3. Favorite pizza: Arte Pizzeria in Loveland CO
4. Favorite burger: Tie between Culver's and 523 Tap and Grill in Elkhart IN
5. Favorite thing about this lifestyle: It's stretching me! and I love being able to see part of the US I've never seen before.
6. Favorite thing to wear for travel days: for warm travel days: running shorts, t-shirt and flip flops; for cooler days: my PPP bloomers, t-shirt and flip flops
7. Favorite bike ride: Monterrey CA!
8. Favorite book I've read on this journey: Living with Less (maybe because I'm living it!)
9. Favorite meal to make in the RV: anything requiring one pan!
10. Favorite phrase we've adopted: It's 10 degrees warmer/cooler out here, when stepping out of our home!
11. Favorite campground treat: Snickers ice cream bars
12. Favorite touristy thing we've done: San Francisco tour
13. Favorite item we have purchased since being on the road: our grill!


  1. You were in Petaluma? An internet broadcasting company is based there. Leo Laporte and Always wanted to visit their studios :)

  2. One pan cooking "LIKE"!! Putting 523 on my to-do list when we get to South Bend for family visits...YUMMO! And Living with Less...thx! Do you follow Be More With Less and Becoming Minimalist...two of my fav's!

  3. I love the list! Lists rock! I also love one dish meals but I seem to cook more of those when the weather is cold.

    Hubby and I are new RVers but not full time. He still works. We got our RV Memorial Day weekend and have taken five trips so far all around Texas. I just added you to my Google Reader so I will be following your blog. I look forward to reading it.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! New RVers rock!

  4. That's cool your favorite pizza was in Loveland!


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