Sunday, August 26, 2012

I've gone live...

I finally "publicized" my blog. First to my dear hubs... then to some online friends... then on Facebook and Twitter! Now I have a mention on our travel blog here. Hubs is the "true writer" of our family. I thought I might write some posts on our Flip Flop Vector blog, but I'm a pretty boring writer and that doesn't fit in with his style. He's hilarious! And a great writer! So thank you to all of you coming here from our other blog!

Truly this blog is more of a capture for me to look back on. I'm hoping to get out and take more photos. I love taking photos! I did a whole year of a photo a day back in 2010 when we first moved out in the country. I thought I might do something like that for this road adventure... started it off but dropped it not far into it. Maybe I'll pick it back up!

I've had highs and lows on this journey... mostly highs. But I get down if we are traveling too much or I focus too much on what I'm missing. Going back to my "living in the moment" seems to work for me. If I had to list pros and cons of this lifestyle, I'd definitely have more pros than cons because I've chosen not to dwell on the cons. I know some of the RV'in blogs I've read (and still read) this lifestyle sounded romantic to me before we actually got on the road. And it definitely has a romance to it... some days I just have to make it! And I'm not talking about romance with my hubs! I'm talking about the romance like in the song by Zac Brown Band - Free.


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  1. If you were sharing about MY romantic side, be very little writing.


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