Monday, August 20, 2012

in the moment...

I have issues... I struggle being in the moment or even in the "day". I am often found looking ahead to the next thing. Living in Colorado, I looked ahead to living in Texas. When we moved into an apartment in Texas, I looked forward to having a house in the country. Once we were out in the country, I was looking ahead to when my husband wouldn't be commuting between Colorado and Texas. When he retired and moved to Texas, I started looking forward to the RV lifestyle... we are now living full-time in an RV and I'm looking to live in a sticks and bricks again.

I really am enjoying the RV lifestyle. It seems my mind wanders (the Bible mentions fools minds wander to the ends of the earth)... to other things. When I'm embracing the present wherever I am doing whatever I'm doing, I'm good! It's when I start thinking... that's gets me into trouble!
I don't want to have any regrets about this adventure... however long we do it! Some days I see us doing this for several years or more. Other days, not so much!

Things I love about the fulltime RV lifestyle:
  • Living small. I really love living in a small space. I have to be organized and neat. I cannot buy a bunch of stuff. And it forces me outside more!
  • Being close to nature. Literally! I can see outside from anywhere inside the RV and I'm outside more. 
  • Seeing new places! I have not traveled much before this and most of it was in an airplane. So driving across the United States and spending time in different areas has been exciting and refreshing!
  • Forcing myself out of my comfort zone. I'm an introvert and a homebody. David's a homebody too, but loves getting out and chatting with people. Sitting outside invites our neighbors to stop and chat. I'm still not all the way out of my comfort zone and probably still spend too much time inside the RV seeking privacy. But I want to change that!
  • New places to walk, bike and run! And new sports activities to try! Still want to do some kayaking and stand up paddle boarding!
  • If we don't like the neighbors, we can move on. We have enjoyed most of the campgrounds/RV parks we've stayed at. But it is nice to know that we have the freedom to move on if we feel like it.
  • Speaking of freedom, being mobile does feel freeing. Getting rid of most of our belongings is freeing. Being able to go where we want and do what we want is freedom. 
  • Being able to see family and friends! I'm finally getting to meet some online friends that I've been wanting to meet! And we got to spend time with our family in Colorado! Our sons enjoy visiting us all over the United States too!
  • Sharing this time, small space, adventure with my best friend! We've had some great conversations during our drives, in places without our laptops and TV, by the campfires and over dinners out. We don't have a lot to "do" as far as normal household/yard obligations which in turn frees up time... time for each other.
So I'm getting to travel and see the US and have my home come with me! The best of two worlds!

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