Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We run for biscuits...

We run so we can eat... and because we have lots of time!

I've challenged myself several times to the Couch 25K running program. It takes you from lying on the couch to running a 5k in 9 weeks... or so. I started it the first time about 10 years ago. And restarted it many times since then. I wouldn't stick with it.

UNTIL the summer of 2010 in Central Texas. I decided to challenge myself again and run thru Texas summer heat! Of course I ran early in the morning when the temperatures were a cool 80 degrees. And I did it! I ran (no walking) a 5k with my husband just in our neighborhood. Then I did an actual race. And I got 3rd place in my age group... of course there were 5 in my age group. And the last 2 were WALKING!

On of our discussions on this road trip involved making sure this year on the road wasn't a "waste". We have all this time and all these new cool places to walk, run, bike and I wanted to take advantage of it. So we decided to start the c25k program again.

After I started it I found out that an online friend had been doing it (again for her too) and she is now in week 9 of the program! Go Jamie!

I've been running off and on (not far) ever since I ran that 5k in October 2010. So I knew that I could probably skip the first week or so of the program. So we decided to start with week 2. We had beautiful places to run while we were in Bristol Indiana... canopied forests, nice soft trails and thru our very spacious campground. Week 2 went great; Week 3 started and I still felt energized and like I could run more. So for our 2nd run that week we skipped to Week 4 of the program (got that?). It was just the right challenge.

So this week we started Week 5 (3rd week of running for us). We were supposed to run yesterday (run days are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday), but with travel we decided to hold off till today.

And we run for biscuits! I normally don't like McDonald's... but I do love their breakfast biscuits and coffee (and something called a McRib but we won't go there)! And there's a McDonald's right across the road from our campground...


  1. and when this wears off, we are riding bikes into town 8 miles to go devour ice we run to eat breakfast and cycle to eat ice cream...

  2. I lv the C25K program. Never, ever did I think I could run and joined in and I have run this old tired bod in two races last Fall. I'm a cool weather running gal. I have it on my smartphone too when I go out without a buddy to push me. So after a long HOT summer starting up in the next week or two. And did I drop the lbs with it too. Great you got the egg for the protein power back go girl! I work out to EAT too cauz I love FOOD!

    1. My left knee has recently started bothering me when I run so we'll see how long this running thing lasts!

  3. Breakfast at Mickey D's is a fav of ours on travel days. We always tell each other no more...and then...we give in...just one more time. Safe travels !


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