Friday, November 16, 2012

Change is in the air...

I've heard (and I'm sure you have too) that the only constant is change. We experience a change in seasons faithfully every year... but not only a change in seasons but changes within seasons. We've been experiencing the changes in nature with the coming of Fall... And we've experienced the newness of it over and over as we've driven south. One of our favorite drives recently was thru South Carolina. I know that SC is not a "known" beautiful Fall place but it was gorgeous! And we are so blessed to be able to experience it!

Change is in the air for David and I too! We are headed back home soon! Actually we are headed that way right now... and will be there before Christmas... Well before Christmas. Our extended stay in Wilmington took the wind out of our sails so to speak. We'd been missing home before our blow out accident and that was just what we needed to put our priorities back in the place they belong. In my last post I talked about being tired of chasing the dream life and stopping to building one... Well, I heard a song on the radio recently during our drive... It's an old Ronnie Milsap song... Smoky Mountain Rain... One line in it is "I've had a change of dreams I'm comin' home".  That pretty much says it!

One thing we've struggled with is feeling somewhat "obligated" to our readers... when you share an adventure with the public, other people who have similar dreams say they are "living vicariously thru you"... so being the people pleasers we are, we don't want to let those people down. But then we start talking about not living our lives for others, but living the life that we are meant to live and what is pleasing to God. We can only hope that our adventure inspires and gives our readers courage to do what it is they dream about.

I started this blog a little late in the game to reflect on how I see this adventure and how it changes me... While the traveling adventure may be coming to a close, I hope and pray that my life is always an adventure. So for the time being, I hope to continue blogging here about our new adventure (whatever that may be). 


  1. This is so understandable, and I look forward to hearing about the life you guys choose to build. Thank you for sharing your time with us - no matter how fleeting or long. Another great song that captures this is The Byrds - "Turn, Turn, Turn" (to Everything There Is a Season). Happy trails! Wherever that leads you. HugZ!

  2. We sure don't ever know where the road is going to take us but you've traveled far, thick and thin, and I can't wait to hear about the next adventure. I'm sure you can just about taste that one certain Mexican restaurant in your dreams and to be back with family and friends....gosh that about says it all! Hoping for the very best!

  3. my dear dear Teri, as much as I have loved living thru you on this journey I can totally understand the needing to go home. I am finding it difficult having re-located only 2 hours away it is to far for a day trip so I can't go to all the different things I enjoyed back home and have yet to find the little places here to enjoy. Kind of stuck in the middle if you will. Anyway I understand the wanting to get home and settle. I look forward to the knew journey you are on.


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