Friday, November 2, 2012

Gratitudes Day 2

... a walk on a beautiful Autumn day in a gorgeous park
... green pines with a backdrop of a royal blue sky (reminds me of Colorado skies)
... laughter
... a chat with this beautiful soul

... country music!


  1. I read Dave's post and it sounds like you are seeing a glimmer of hope. Sometimes I really feel at a loss to find the words to say to someone at times of stress, but I want you to know our thoughts are with you two and I hope you are happy to get on the road again.

    Have a great weekend! Take care!

  2. What a beautiful smile your new little friend has.

    Your gratitude brightens my day! :)

  3. Great lists Teri. Thank you for sharing and for being positive in trying times - an inspiration. TX HugZ!


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