Monday, November 26, 2012

Slowin' down...

We are back HOME! We made quick tracks and arrived in the Austin area the day after Thanksgiving. My sweet mom saved us some turkey leftovers and we heated them up just a few short minutes after arriving at their house! We tried to find an RV park but none of them had open spots until today!

So we enjoyed a relaxing weekend at my parents house. They live in a rural area and have a very long driveway so we were able to park the rig and truck there... and sleep in the house! Our youngest son came over on Saturday and spent all afternoon and evening with us... working a bit and watching football. We also got to skype with these two cuties! We haven't had good enough wifi to skype with them on the road, so it was fun catching up with them!

Today we arrived at an RV park in East Central Austin that is just our style. And the biggest surprise... Green Gate Farms is right across the street! I volunteered at Johnson's Backyard Garden a couple of years ago and loved it and the veggies I got "paid" with. We are hoping to do a bit of volunteering at Green Gate Farms as well!

Nothing has felt more right than pulling into the Austin area. Except when we moved here from Colorado. =) I think we've slowly realized how stressful the towing part was for both of us. David never was fully confident and then after the blow out, that confidence was at an all-time low. I wasn't comfortable knowing he wasn't. The best part about that was we did a lot of praying!

We've had one meal out of Tex Mex food... and it was SO GOOD! We've enjoyed my mom's cooking as well! We have a long list of places we want to go to, but keep reminding ourselves we don't have to do it all in a week's time!

We are settling in and excited to see what we get to do next!


  1. "Austin residents" has nice ring....

  2. Glad you're safely home.

    Looking forward to what's up next! :)


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