Sunday, November 18, 2012


...reading The Power of Half... The concept is an honorable one... the reading is slow as they tell everything leading up to it. And this is a very wealthy family... giving up half still leaves them with more than most of the middle class.

...traveling through Florida

...wearing my ruffled overalls and braids

...needing a Starbucks seasonal drink and some fried shrimp (not at the same sitting)

...wanting a simple Christmas season

...looking forward to seeing our family and friends this holiday season

...eating beef carnitas tacos tonite!

...drinking water and sweet iced tea

...listening to GAC when we get it. None of the previous campgrounds with cable had GAC until we get to Florida!

...creating a scarf

...watching Survivor, Amazing Race, The Voice, Duck Dynasty (Love Uncle Si)

enjoying the warmth of the sunshine!


  1. You sound very happy. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas at HOME with your family.

    1. Thanks! And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well!

  2. Can't wait to hear - er - well - read about Florida from your perspective. Going to Micanopy?

    1. We only zipped thru the top of Florida... Earlier this year we stayed in Panama City Beach and really enjoyed it! I had Micanopy on my list to see, but it didn't happen this time!

  3. Gorgeous color choice for the scarf...I recently picked up my crochet hook. Something so relaxing about stitching up something with some yard. Sure makes the travel time go faster too :O) Sounds like you are making good time...know you can't wait to share some bear hugs with family and friends...have a blessed reunion!


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